• 01

    To provide a common forum/platform for all the sports organisations involed in the promotion of the game of Badminton.

  • 02

    To function as the accredited representative of all its affiliated units in the matters of common interest.

  • 03

    To encourage, standardise, control, promote and develop the game of Badminton in Manipur especially by organising coaching, tournaments and exhibition games, amongst Schools, Universities through and by affiliated organisations on an amateur basis for adults, juniors and sub juniors.

  • 04

    To maintain general control of Badminton in Manipur particularly with reference to the Rules & Regulations for the conduct of the games.

  • 05

    To act as Accredited Representative of all affiliated Organisations in all matters of common interest as it's Central Organisation.

  • 06

    To co-ordinate Inter-District activities in respect of Badminton in all ways including holding of Inter-District Tournaments, organising or recognizing of Championship, Tournaments or Matches.

  • 07

    To receive grants in aid and funds for the purpose of the Association and employ the same in such a manner as may be considered desirable for the Association.

  • 08

    To select teams to represent Manipur and to promote, control and finance visits for national and international Participation recognised by BAI and BWF.

  • 09

    To promote, control and, if necessary, to finance the visit to Manipur from other states of India or foreign for coaching or team players.

  • 10

    To have Technical Officials Committee (TOC) and to maintain a Panel of Umpires Match Control & Referees.

  • 11

    Coaches Committee to maintain a panel of Coaches.

  • 12

    Generally to do all such other acts and things as may seem to the Association necessary and conductive to the aims and objects of the Association.